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   2023, 2022 & 2021 Meeting
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Updated:  06/13/2023
2023 Minutes

February 28, 2023
Annual Neighborhood Meeting


   Virtual Meeting
Agenda, Budget, Ballot, Zoom Link

   Meeting Minutes
2022 Minutes
2022 Minutes Minutes
Dec 2022 Newsletter (tba)

January 25, 2022 Minutes (tba)
Annual Neighborhood Meeting


   Virtual Meeting
Agenda, Budget, Ballot, Zoom Link

   Minutes (tba)

      June 8, 2022 - Minutes

     - CRHOA Board members present (quorum established): Emory Gearhart (President), Tim Nelson (VP), Susan Bartlett, Dennis Kinne, Jaemie Robinson

     - Homeowners present: Mark Crawford, Ann Crawford, Peggy Kloes, Mark Noll, Jennie Slack, Kim Hansen, Fred Herber, Kevin (surname not provided), Amanda (surname not provided)

     - Navigate Community Management present: La Tessa Jones

 A) Call to order

B) Agenda approval via email

C) Introduction of new board members. A homeowner challenged the legitimacy of the new board members.

D) Treasurer�s Report: nothing substantial to report

E) Issues presented:

� R&R Compliance: Navigate software, additional compliance sweeps for Nov, Dec, Jan.

� Backflow testing: S&S responsibility

� S&S Landscaping contract discussed, plan to remove Mark Crawford from S&S contract at his request; S&S reported labor issues but will address noted service deficiencies

� Board plans to have an experienced attorney review our documentation with the goal of clarifying and updating the CC&Rs to better serve the Crystal Ridge HOA community

� Monument being permitted by City of Puyallup, contractor prepared to start work

� Update the Distribution List: Tim and La Tessa to coordinate

� The email address to report non-MOD request issues is; homeowners are asked to limit direct contact with Navigate to avoid potential confusion

� A homeowner asked about possible impropriety in the Vista>Navigate transition, but provided no evidence; Navigate/Board to assure funds were properly transferred

� Transfer 3 dormant bank accounts to new board members, if possible

� Need to establish a digital repository for old docs, then transfer, scan and shred old docs

� ACC is suspended to allow Navigate to take over this responsibility

� Update the CRHOA website ( to display the MOD request procedure

� Investigate the possibility to allow solar panels on homes

F) Next meeting tentatively set for January 2023

G) Adjourned


     Sept 28, 20022 - Minutes

Navigate Community Management present: Heather LaDue
A)         Call to order
B)         Agenda approval by Dennis and Tim
C)         Old Business
�         Publish budget and cash flow
�         Still waiting for 2021 audited financials and tax returns � Navigate to follow up with accountants
�         Monument: contractor ready to build, waiting for City approval
�         Estates fencing: COVID interrupted action; need access agreements, then form a committee
�         Irrigation: this work is moving along
�         Update MOD Request Form: this work is moving along; form and process is being streamlined and simplified
�         Tree replacement: the most recent arborist proposal was too expensive, seeking better price; Board working with City on selecting drought-resistant trees
�         Mailbox replacements: Board reports that residents are still working out details (type of boxes, vandalism concerns, etc.); demolition/disposal of old structures and questions about HOA liability to be researched; Navigate to help explore options
�         ACC status: ACC should continue to observe and report community issues, however the Board is approving all MOD requests at this time (after Navigate verifies the property is clear of outstanding dues or violations). No pending MOD requests at this time.
�         Budget planning: in progress
�         Solar panels on homes: Board to research and consider MOD request options
D) Homeowner forum
�         Mark Crawford asked about ACC status.
�         Lori Evans (appeared to be Tim Evans on camera) also asked about the ACC
�         Kevin Miller asked about pending MOD requests: no pending MOD requests at time of meeting
�         Mark Noll asked about plans for the CRHOA website. The website is being simplified and streamlined and Mark�s help in that process is appreciated
�         Mark Noll asked if there would be an increase in dues. That�s presently undetermined
�         Joan Cross asked about the status of violation notices. Heather/Navigate to follow up with her
�         Mark Crawford asked about a contractor truck and a basketball hoop in apparent violation. Heather said there are properties with violations. Mr. Crawford asked if the Board and/or Navigate was aware of a �drug bust� on 20th Ave. He was referred to public records.
�         Mark Crawford asked about the S&S Landscaping contract. Board reports it�s available to view on the Navigate website and that the Board is exploring other landscaper options
�         Lori Evans (appeared to be Tim Evans on camera) asked if the old Vista account was �zeroed out� and Heather says that it was.
�         Scott Sager asked about mailboxes. Board is open to homeowner input and will inform homeowners that it�s against replacing the roofed structures. The Post Office may have guidelines and suggestions
�         Cathy said she prefers cluster-style mailboxes. She also gave very positive feedback on her recent MOD request experience.
E)         Adjourned


 2021 Minutes
2021 Minutes Minutes
Dec 2021 Newsletter (none)

January 26, 2021 Minutes
Annual Neighborhood Meeting


   Virtual Meeting
Agenda - Budget - Q&A - Zoom link -
- Call to Order
- Minutes
- Proof of Notice
- Financial results & 2021 Budget
- 2021 Budget Vote
- Results of Board Election
- Reports
     a. Monument Committee
     b. Play Lot

- 2021 Board Meeting & Other Events
- Financial Statements
- Play Lot
- Entrance Monument
- Tree Replacement
- CRHOA 2021 To Do List
- Landscape
- Mailbox Structures & Covers
- Storm Drain Pond in the Estates
- 34th Street at the Highlands
- Monuments
- Estates and Play Lot Fence
- Compliance
- Insurance
- Reserve Study
- 2022 Preparations
      March 09, 2021 - Minutes 
     Board Meeting
    Agenda with Zoom link

Virtual Meeting
- Call to Order
- Action since Jan 26,2021
- Officer Nominations
- Treasurer Report
- Landscape Report
- Committee Reports
    a. Regs & Rules - no update
    b. ACC - Review of Mod Requests. Discussed nned for a recruit to "apprentice" for ACC Chair
       May 25, 2021 - Minutes
       Board Meeting - Virtual

Vitual Meeting
- Call to Order
- Action since Jan 26, 2021
- Treasurer Report
- Landscape Report
- Committee Reports
- New Business

       September 14, 2021 - Minutes
       Board Meeting - Virtual
       Agenda with Zoom Link
- Action Since May 25, 2021
- Treasurer Report
- Landscape Report
- Committee Reports
   a. RR - No update
   b. ACC - No update
   c. Welcome - No Update
   d. Monument - Relocation of power in discussion with PSE
- New Business
   a. Board expressed interest in new volunteers
   b. Annual Meeting in Jan 2022

December 1, 2021 - Minutes (tba)
       Board Meeting - Virtual
       Agenda with Zoom Link