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    Crystal Ridge is an active and thriving community.  Board meetings are open to all. We have volunteer opportunites where you can be involved in the management, maintenance  and growth of your neighborhood.  
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    Audit   05/07/2021 - 2020 CRHOA Financial Audit - Added
    Board Minutes   05/25/2021 - Tues, 7-9 pm (Virtual) - Minutes (tba)   
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   CRHOA Yard Sale   July 16-17-18  -  Fri, 10 to 4  -  Sat, 8 to 4  -  Sun, 8 to 4   
   Next Board Meeting   09/14/2021 - Tues, 7-9 pm (Virtual) - Agenda & Zoom link (tba)  
   Next Board Meeting   11/30/2021 - Tues, 7-9 pm (Virtual) - Agenda & Zoom link (tba)  
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  Community Manager   Vista - Questions, problems, pay dues & bills   
  Recent Mtg Minutes   Tue, 05/25/2021, 7-9 pm - Minutes (tba)
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    ACC - Architectural Control Committee, Q&A, Hints
    ACC   Architectural Control Committee, Q&A, Hints
    Mod Req (Rev AA)   Form to submit for home mod requests (Rev AA - Revised 07/02/2021)
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    CCR   Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions 
    Gov Docs   Original documents, articles & amendments
       Helpful Hints
    Secure Mailboxes
    Neighborhood Watch
      Special Notices 
    Knutson Farms Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) - PHASE 1 reports  (posted 01/28/2021)   
    Aging & Senior Care
       Resources  for
       Communities in WA       In-Home Care in Washington    
                               Find In-Home Care Options Near Me       (posted 12/12/2020)
    Senior care resource for family caregivers seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses and other loved ones. Featured by AARP, The Administration for Community Living, The National Legal Resource Center and Forbes.  Also referenced by many governmental agencies and organizations.  
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